2DARK steelbook – Review

While I am personally not a fan of horror games, I do own a few steelbooks of horror games. The 2DARK steelbook is one of them. 2DARK is a stealth adventure horror game that released on major platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Unfortunately, the game has received a range of mixed reviews. Some of my friends have played it as well, and even they are mixed about it. That doesn’t mean the steelbook doesn’t look good though.

There is only one steelbook version of 2DARK available, but these come in several editions. These can be the limited editions, as well as the steelbook editions. I personally own the steelbook edition, which has everything except the artbook.

2DARK steelbook

The Outside

From the artwork, it’s immediately clear that 2DARK is a horror game. On the right panel, we have the logo, which includes drops of blood running down, as well as a butcher. This butcher is wearing a pig mask, which makes it even more creepy. But the eeriest thing about this character is the fact that there is blood dripping from his butcher’s knife, forming a pool beneath his feet. On the left panel, there are two boots standing in a pool of blood. While you can’t know for certain, it’s highly possible these are supposed to be children’s shoes.

While the background doesn’t run through the spine itself, it’s clear that the rustic and dark atmosphere is supposed to connect the two panels without forming an actual landscape. They’re in theme and that’s what matters. What the entire outside has in common is the fact that everything is matte, except for the images and logo. These are highly glossy. It ensures that the images stand out. This also means that the images are highly prone to fingerprints.

2DARK steelbook

The Inside

The inner artwork is comprised of various papers such as posters, newspaper clippings, recipes and children’s drawings. Notable is that the posters and newspaper clippings have one thing in common: the name Smith. This is no accident, as the main protagonist is Detective Smith. His wife was brutally murdered, as we can also see from a newspaper clipping. And now his children Sandra and Martin are missing. It is quite surprising to see such detailed information about the game itself in the inner artwork.

As this is the steelbook edition, which includes the soundtrack, there are two inserts for discs. One on the left panel, which also comes with two plastic clips for paper inserts, and one on the right panel. And as is standard with steelbooks, the official steelbook logo in under the disc insert on the right side.

The Verdict

Despite having a grudge against horror games, I do quite like this steelbook. The outer artwork is clean and minimalistic, a feature not common in steelbooks. And the overall atmosphere screams dark and gritty. Whilst the inner artwork is chock full of details about the game itself, again, a feature not quite common. It’s not quite as dark, but the information itself is enough to enable that eerie feeling.


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