Bear with Me: The Lost Robots – Demo Review

When you think of point ‘n click games, you’ll think of the popular ones such as the Deponia series and perhaps even The Book of Unwritten Tales series. Every once in a while, a breath of fresh air joins the genre. TSIOQUE, a game we reviewed a while ago, was one of them. Judging by the demo, Bear with Me: The Lost Robots might be one too. The game is developed by Exordium Games and is available on all major platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.


In Bear with Me: The Lost Robots you play as Flint, Amber’s younger brother. He finds detected Ted E. Bear passed out in the projector room at the local movie theatre. As the demo progresses, you learn that Ted has been shot by Betty some time ago, and he has been in a sour mood ever since. You can hardly blame him, anyone would be in a mood after getting shot. But it was Amber that shook Ted awake by taking on a case of missing robots. Whilst Amber was supposed to be investigating this case with Ted, she had urgent matters to take care off. And that is how Flint ends up with Ted.


What sets Bear with Me: The Lost Robots apart from most of the point ‘n click games is the atmospheric choice of visual design. Instead of being in full colour, the game is in black and white. It’s an odd choice for a game nowadays, but it fits well with the satirical detective theme.

As for the audio, Ted has this incredibly deep and old voice. Which truly caught me off caught in the beginning. Especially as the narration is done by Ted as well, so you’ll be hearing that booming voice quite often. There are indeed voice-overs in this game. They are not the best voices but it’s what sets this game apart. The soundtrack itself is very similar to the old movie theme the game has going for it. It personally reminded me of those soft old jazz-like tunes, and I love those.

Bear with Me The Lost Robot screenshot


Bear with Me: The Lost Robots is a noir point ‘n click adventure game. This means that it behaves like any other point ‘n click game. You search for items and some of these items can be combined. And like most point ‘n click adventure games, there is an inventory available. The gameplay itself is standard, and the demo didn’t feature any new and exciting mechanics. I did play the demo on the Nintendo Switch, and the touchscreen feature does work. However, it’s not quite as accurate and it frustrated me most of the times. I mostly ended up using the joy-cons because of this.

The demo was really short, which makes it hard to tell what kind of mechanics this game has to offer. But they included enough satire in the game to really feel the connection with classic movies. I suppose you could call them Easter eggs, but either way, they’re very memorable. Whilst in the projector room, you come across a plethora of old movie reels and they are aptly named. There’s Human Story 2, the Codfather, the Lizard of Oz and Pup Fiction. I chuckled at each of these names and instantly knew which movies they were referring to. I do hope that they keep this type of humour throughout the entire game, but again, it’s hard to tell.

Bear with Me The Lost Robot screenshot

The Verdict

While you would usually have a good idea whether you like a game after playing the demo, I just can’t seem to make up my mind now. I liked the aesthetics and the humour as well as the subtle nods to classic movies. Even the soundtrack is something I can appreciate. However, the gameplay mechanics were standard. There was nothing special going on. And that is keeping me from being able to form a well backed-up opinion on the demo.

Looking at the price tag of €5 or it’s local equivalent, and the gameplay duration of two and a half hours, I would say it’s worth a shot to give the game a proper try.


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