Category: Boardgames & Card Games

Boardgames are classified as such if it is a tabletop game that includes counters or pieces or tokens moving on a pre-marked surface. In most instances, the surface is a thick carton board. This form of entertainment has been around for thousands of years, and we expect it to be around for a few thousand more albeit with various adaptations and versions.


Much like boardgames, card games have an intriguing history although the most commonly known version are playing cards. The collectible card games or trading card games as we know them, only exists since 1993. While there are certainly noteworthy collectible sets before the 90’s, none of these cards had any means of playing. CCGs and TCGs are strategy card games, which is a big different from the collectible Topps cards. Deck Building Games should not be confused with CCG and TCG either.


Both boardgames and card games are two major forms of entertainment, and it is the most known type of entertainment especially during holidays where families come together.