Overwatch steelbook – Review

I’ll find it hard to believe if anyone mentions that they do not know Overwatch, even by name. The team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment has become a staple in eSports communities due to its competitive nature. As the game has been released on both PC and consoles, it’s not strange to find a steelbook version of it. And that is what we are looking at today, the one and only Overwatch steelbook available.

Overwatch steelbook

The Outside

Right off the bat, we are looking at Lena Oxton, better known as Tracer, in her iconic shooting stance. On the backside, we are met with Reaper. The entire steelbook is toned down to mere shades of blues. This is most visible with Tracer as her typical orange colours have been replaced by lighter blues. Reaper, on the other hand, has a much darker shade, which goes well. Both front and back panels have the typical Overwatch icon, in their own tones, right in the middle of the image. This is somewhat of a shame as it takes the focus away from the characters. And honestly, why do you need it on both panels?

The spine itself has both colour tones, the darker-toned side featuring the Overwatch logo while the lighter side mentions the edition and the Blizzard Entertainment logo. For a spine, I think this is great. It is also the only steelbook that I own that even mentions which edition it is, in this case, it’s the Origins Edition.

Overwatch steelbook

The Inside

While the panels on the outside feature two of the characters, the inside is lacklustre. Inside, there is one shade of orange. Presumably, it is the orange tone from Tracer’s iconic costume. While I do like the idea of the blue hue on the outside, I would have preferred more characters on the inside. Even in the orange hues. But alas. On the left hand, we have two plastic tabs for any paper inserts and below the disc space on the righthand side, there is the Steelbook logo. Marking it an official Scanavo steelbook.

The Verdict

Overwatch is a high-paced game with bright and contrasting visuals. It’s odd that these contrasts do not come back in the Overwatch steelbook, but I do welcome the change. In fact, I appreciate steelbooks like this. However, the double Overwatch icon is a bit too much. It’s also a downer that the inside is kept so simple. Regardless, it is one of my higher-ranked steelbooks in my possession.


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