The Twitch Dungeon Part 14: 7 Month celebration

Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s April already, and that means I’ve been streaming for 7 months. So this is my 7 Month celebration blog post. I honestly can’t believe it has been that long already, and I have zero regrets starting. I have learned so many things over these months. Before I started streaming myself, I would always hang out in only a couple of streams. I was the viewer that would show up for nearly every stream and would help whenever never expanding my network. Never have I wanted to become a moderator, not really, I just wanted to help the streamers that I enjoyed. I tend to do this for some streamers still as it’s just in my nature.

Over the past few months, my support has branched out to streamers who have caught my eye and whom I feel comfortable with. While it wasn’t intentional, my support has ensured that they support me in my endeavours as well. I slowly realized that this is how you network. While not all streamers have jumped on the bandwagon to support one another, there are quite a few who do. And I am glad to have become part of that group. I’ve even made some great friends with streamers of varying sizes, and I hold each close to my heart. They’re the friends I never knew I needed in my life.

I’ve learned that positive affirmations are the best thing ever, and I try to implement them in my streams. It takes some trial and error, like a channel point redemption where I would complement the person who redeemed it. It’s not in my nature to do so, but my community enjoyed it while it lasted. I took the channel redemption down after noticing that it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to hand out compliments that I truly meant. I’m just not good at it. But I learned from it, and I’ll continue to come up with fun redemptions.

While I have yet to do this kind of events, I have learned that doing the same thing every stream is not that entertaining. Right now, I’m working on several events ranging from charity events to themed months. This is how I learned that streaming is hard work. I mentioned this before in part 9 of the Twitch Dungeon. I have made mistakes, such as not thinking about adding incentives during my first community stream that happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day. But I have learned and am preparing for future streams. At times my insecurities pop up, and I’m not sure if my community would like the things I am preparing, but I’m always open to suggestions. As long as they don’t include horror games.

The most important thing I have learned is that numbers are not important. You grow your channel at your own pace, and you should have fun in doing it. I have met streamers that recently started and have grown immensely. More than me. It took a while to understand this but comparing yourself to other streamers isn’t something you should do. And I have embraced the fact that while my growth is slower, I have received immense support from the network I’ve built and will continue to build upon.

In the second post, I mentioned that I had begun streaming under peer pressure. Now, seven months later, I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner. It has become a part of my life, a part of who I am, and I have completely embraced it and love every part of it.

If you are still thinking of streaming, or have recently started, I wish you the best in your adventures. And I hope you’ll get to have a 7 Month celebration as well. But I also hope you’ll get the same feeling as I have because it’s a great feeling.


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